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Who are Vegaburger?

Hi, we’re Vegaburger, and we think beyond the burger. Well, we think beyond meat anyway. In actual fact, we love burgers! We love them so much that we’re bringing our amazing vegan burger recipe to our new High Wycombe restaurant.

Takeaway vegan burger made by Vegaburger
Vegaburger restaurant in High Wycombe, London

Our restaurant

That’s right, we want everyone in High Wycombe to have access to vegan food. If it’s easy to be vegan in London, then why shouldn’t it be easy everywhere?

If you want ethical fast food options in High Wycombe and beyond, look no further than Vegaburger

The deal

We make the vegan burgers, you buy them. Does that sound like a good deal? It does to us!

Vegan chicken burger made by Vegaburger

Our burgers are based on the real deal

We just use a plant based burger recipe instead of meat to recreate the flavours and textures of a fantastic fast-food burger. That means our burgers are good for the planet, good for animals, and good for you as well as being delicious, so you can feed great vegan fast food to your whole family without any worries.

Contact us

We’re all about loving life! And want to be your favourite burger brand, please reach out to us and let us know what we can do better.

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